Ford Focus RS: Warning, Stay Away From Mods!

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Are you an owner or about to be the owner of the latest generation Ford Focus RS? If you are, then we have a dire warning for you – “do not mod your car!”

The Focus RS can double as an everyday car and a track car. This very setup makes it tempting to modify the vehicle for your satisfaction and we gladly encourage that. However, for the time being, it is best to put your aftermarket plans on hold because you would want to enjoy the warranty for a tad longer.

If you have been reading a lot about the Focus RS, then you must be aware of the falling head gasket issue plaguing the car. This problem is currently getting addressed by Ford and the carmaker is likely to announce a recall in the near future.

On the other hand, some sources claim that a recall won’t happen as Ford may resort to TSB and fix as fail due to the high cost of the parts involved.

Until Ford provides more clarification on the matter, we would advise you to keep the Focus RS in its factory format.