Ford Fusion Axing Turns Into An Autonomous Joke!

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What is there not to like about the Ford Fusion? The midsized sedan may not have a reliability reputation that can rival the Toyota Camry or the refinements to challenge a Honda Accord but the car is still loved for the performance which it has to offer.

But even with big volume sales in the bags, the decline of the sedan segment has led Ford to axe the Fusion from the US market. This means that the Fusion at the dealers won’t be around next year and it gets worse when you realized that a number of units are found with non-functional steering wheel.

If you think this is an autonomous stunt from Ford, you best check again because the useless steering wheel is actually a production fault that can put you at risk of a crash.

Ford revealed today that a total of 1,301,986 Ford Fusion in the US has got a faulty module that can cause the steering wheel to lose function and get plugged-out of its place.

They have since started a recall for the vehicle that will go into effect immediately and owners of the Fusion have received the necessary notification.