Ford Fusion Loses Steering Wheel In Non-Autonomous Exit!

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Recent years have witnessed a surge in autonomous-capable vehicles as automakers rush to become the first brand to offer the best self-driving system around.

Ford is among those working towards a car that can self-drive without any issues but they have yet to offer any updates on their system. With that in mind, any information regarding Ford’s brand of autonomy should not be taken literally because it may lead you into thinking that the Fusion is fully capable of driving on its own.

Just a month ago, reports went viral online citing that the Fusion has ditched its steering wheel but not for autonomous reasons. The content actually spoke about a problem with the Fusion that can lead to loss of steering function and we now have a follow-up on the matter.

Ford revealed today that a total of 1,301,986 Ford Fusion in the US has got a faulty module that can cause the steering wheel to lose function and get plugged-out of its place. They have since announced on a recall for the vehicle that will go into effect immediately and owners of the Fusion have received the necessary notification.

At the very least, it’s good to see the Fusion getting a treatment from Ford, especially after the carmaker has announced on the vehicle’s imminent departure from the local market.