Ford Fusion Matches GM’s Cruise AV In The Wrong Way

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GM has made it clear that they want to revolutionize the automotive scene next year through launching the world’s first mass-produced vehicle that does not feature a steering wheel. Called the Cruise AV, GM is confident that their brand of autonomous driving can spell the end for drivers.

But like everything GM does, Ford is there to challenge it although the Blue Oval’s response to the Cruise AV is unintentional and based on the wrong foundations.

We are referring to the Ford Fusion, which has come with a production fault that can lead to total loss of the steering wheel. An investigation has found that a total of 1,301,986 Ford Fusion in the US has got a faulty module that can cause the steering wheel to lose function and get plugged-out of its place.

While there has yet to be any crashes caused by the fault, Ford is not taking any chances and they have since announced a recall to get the steering wheel issue on the Fusion fixed.