Ford Fusion May Join Fiesta In Exile From The US

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Ford’s line-up in the US is shrinking bit by bit as the carmaker can’t bear the cost of having production vehicles that don’t sell well. The past year or so has seen Ford confirming on the relocation of several models and this includes the Taurus and the Fiesta.

Despite having great ratings from the reviewers, both the Taurus and Fiesta are unable to meet sales expectations and this is why they are moving out to China and other parts of the world. In other words, you will not see a new Taurus and Fiesta getting sold here in the US, in the near future.

Today, it looks like another vehicle is poised to leave the US and it is the Fusion. Recent months have seen Ford’s sedan line-up tumbling to a new low on the sales front and the decline continued in July last month.

Ford revealed that they only managed to move 13,886 Fusion last month and this translates to a whopping 42.16% decline from the year before. The decline has been pretty sharp for the Fusion and it may force Ford’s hand to kill the vehicle off in the US. Will it happen?