Ford GT Passes Judgement On Your Bags!

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The Ford GT is a mighty-fine supercar that only a lucky handful of individuals can own and if you’re among them, you are probably familiar with the lack of storage space on the vehicle’s ‘boot’.

We all know that supercars can be stingy with storage spaces but the lack of Ford GTs around makes it hard to visualize the real struggle with it. Well, that is no longer a problem because YouTube superstar Captain Sparklez has got us all covered.

The lad was granted access to a Ford GT and all he did was experimenting with the cars storage space. It’s not about numbers and measurements with the GT’s boot. Captain Sparklez jumped straight to utilize everyday household items and see what fits in the box.

Upon watching the clip, we came to know that the limited storage space on the Ford GT is crazier than expected. All we can say is that you can’t have an average bag on your journey and this is unless you travel alone.