Ford GT Puts The Final Nail On Dodge Viper ACR!

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The Dodge Viper ACR is widely viewed as an iconic American supercar but its ‘prehistoric’ offering as well as safety standards has forced the car into the noose.

Today, there is just no way to purchase the Viper ACR brand new as the vehicle has been axed by Dodge and bit-by-bit, every great accomplishment with the car is being taken away by newer rivals.

One particular name worth noting is the new-gen Ford GT and the car had just outdone the Viper ACR in many ways. The new Ford GT stole the headlines earlier today when it ‘accidentally’ created a new record at VIR and the manner in which the car raced exposed the Viper’s outdated values.

If you can recall, a Viper ACR owner had to rely on a truck-load of tyres just to set a new record in Laguna SECA. The Ford GT, on the other hand, broke the record while wearing the same tyres, having a 3-guy crew and a very limited amount of time.

It is an accomplishment worth commending the Ford GT for and it basically shows that the old Viper ACR will need a massive overhaul if it wishes to remain relevant.