Ford GT vs BMW M5: Is This The Fall Of Supercars?

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Supercars are called supercars for a number of reasons and the biggest one is the insane on-road speed which they have to offer. Aside from that, most supercars are limitedly-produced hence they are rare, expansive and a gem to the eye when spotted on the roads.

One of the best supercars in the world right now is the new generation Ford GT but despite having an insane track performance, the car is now being threatened by a sedan – the 2018 BMW M5.

The new generation M5 made its debut very recently ago and early testers have confirmed that the 600hp V8 twin-turbo motor can push the car to 60mph from stop in a staggering time of 2.8 seconds. This makes the M5 quicker off the line than the Ford GT.

If that is not exciting enough, past M-cars from BMW have all been made to perform like beasts on the track and if the M5 can achieve a stellar track time, we should consider it as a threat to pure supercars like the Ford GT.

Perhaps the term sports sedan is no longer suffice to describe the new M5. We may need to start addressing the car as a super sedan if it is truly able to beat the GT’s track achievements. If so, would it rattle the supercar industry?