Ford Mustang Arrest Calls For Teenage Safety Policy!

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The Ford Mustang has always been our favourite affordable performance car and it is easy to understand why. Aside from being friendly to our wallets, the Mustang is really fast and almost anyone with a basic pay cheque can enjoy the speeding on the pony car.

Everything about the Mustang sounds great until a 19-year old boy gets arrested for doing 208mph on his Mustang. The teenager got himself involved in a high speed police chase over in Oklahoma City where he achieved 208mph with his vehicle.

It was not a major issue for the boy because all he did was go over the speed limit at a local road in the city. The Mustang he drove caught the attention of law enforcers when it clocked 84mph.

Eventually, the boy got caught and is being hold up in a detention centre. News of the high speed chase spread all over the city and it got the internet community calling for Ford to introduce teenage speed limiter on the iconic pony car. If this is to happen, it will upset the loyal Mustang lovers.