Ford Mustang AWD Based On Raptor & Focus RS Would Rule The World

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If you think that the Dodge Challenger GT is the benchmark for AWD muscle cars, you are wrong. The Challenger GT may be the pioneer in this department but Ford decides to compete, the Mustang AWD will do a lot better.

This cannot be helped since AWD performance cars are something which Ford is not unknown for. The Blue Oval company has got a huge reputation with AWD performance cars thus they are really good at it. Names like the Ford Focus RS and the F-150 Raptor both operates on AWD and they are the best performers in their respective class.

So if Ford decides to pass the AWD DNA to the Mustang, we don’t see why the stallion can’t show the Challenger GT who is boss. For all we know, the Mustang AWD can also adopt the award winning auto-drift mode that was introduced in the Focus RS.

The bigger question right now is will the Mustang AWD happen? Such a vehicle will only upset the Mustang purist but it will allow Ford to target a wider market. On the other hand, the Mustang AWD may also be a double-edged sword that can hurt the Focus RS. What do you think?