Ford Mustang Can’t Keep Up With Audi TT In Europe!

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The world is not a stranger to the Ford Mustang as the pony car has achieved the title of being the bestselling sports coupe in the entire globe for 2016.

The biggest surprise is over in Germany, where the Mustang managed to outsell more prolific sports coupes such as the Porsche 911 and the BMW 6-Series. Both names are cars which most auto fans can only dream of owning but they are not selling as well as the Mustang.

We can forgive the 911 for it because the car from Porsche is really expansive to own but the BMW 6-Series didn’t manage to come close to the figures achieved by the Mustang in Germany.

Despite the Mustang’s huge success in sales, there is one other car which it can’t keep up with and it is the Audi TT. The latter has acquired more sales in Europe than the Ford Mustang and it seems like there is no coming back for the American pony car.