Ford Mustang Defies Stigma In Great Save On Wet Track

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The stigma of crashing into people is something which the Ford Mustang is famous for so when we witnessed something different over in Australia, we can’t help but to share it with everyone.

A Ford Mustang in Australia was spotted competing on a very wet track at high speed when the rear wheels started going off-balance. However, the driver never gave up and he managed to regain full control of the car seconds later.

This is something which we don’t expect to see here in the US, especially since the Mustangs here are crashing on dry roads. It is a remarkable save and one that can educate the bad drivers sitting behind the wheel of a Mustang.

But of course, the jokes never stopped coming when it comes to the Mustang. One individual quoted “It’s like it couldn’t make up its mind on which crowd to run into, ran out of time, then focused back on the race.”