Ford Mustang: Downsized For The Christmas Tree

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The Ford Mustang has achieved great sales success in 2016 and many believe that it is because of the car’s wide market reach. Unlike how it is with the Chevrolet Camaro, the Mustang is shipped to more countries and it is also affordable to own.

Well, the Mustang’s reach is now going to get a while lot wider as Ford is about to release a smaller version of the Mustang. The problem with this is that Ford took the word small far too literally.

We say this because the small Mustang is actually a miniature EV model that is built for kids. It can be said as a toy car but even so, the miniature Mustang is still a beast for the little children.

The toy Mustang is equipped with superb traction and stability control and the EV powertrain it runs on can hit 5mph. In the adult world, this is like having a Mustang running at 125mph. For the full details on the toy Mustang, you can check out the promo clip below.