Ford Mustang Gets Smaller For Christmas

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The idea of seeing a Mustang being more compact in size but with explosive power certainly sounds exciting and even Ford agrees with this. The Blue Oval company really like the idea and have decided to develop a smaller Mustang but the final product may not be like the ones in our imagination.

To make things clearer, Ford has taken a step too far with the downsizing of the Mustang that no adults can hop on the vehicle. This is because the Mustang that is getting launched is a miniature toy model that is made for the kids.

Interestingly, the small Mustang can be driven by children under the age of 10 and it runs on full EV. The Mustang is capable of hitting 5mph and this is like 125mph in adult speed. The icing on the cake is with the fact that the Mustang is equipped with superb traction and stability control.

For a toy vehicle, that is a bit excessive but it should be able to keep the kids safe when driving a Mustang. The toy model will get sold later this week and it will serve as the perfect Christmas gift for your children. Let’s just hope that kid Mustang drivers don’t go wild and run on pedestrians alright.