Ford Mustang Ignites Violence At Car Meet!

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The Ford Mustang is a car every pedestrian should keep a safe distance from. This is because the Mustang has got a strong reputation for going out of control before crashing into the bystanders.

This happened again last night when a Mustang attending a car-meet swerved out of control into a crowd of motor heads at the scene. Normally, the driver is given a slide as the crowd is more concerned with the well-being of the victims but the incident yesterday took a different end.

Right at the moment the Mustang ran over a crowd, the bystanders turned into a mob and started attacking the vehicle. The mob never rest in physically bashing the Mustang thus preventing the driver from getting out of the car.

We don’t know what happened next so you can feel free to fill in for us. The way we see it, the growing number of crashes involving pedestrians and Mustang should serve as a clear indication to exercise caution at car meets. Apparently the event goers are not aware of it.