Ford Mustang Safe From Hostile Self-Driving Takeover

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The automotive industry today is in a shape of unrest as the driving enthusiasts are unhappy with a growing number of carmakers that is more leaned towards offering self-driving vehicles over a driver’s car.

The situation got worse when Ford announce on 7 new hybrids and EVs that are scheduled to arrive by 2020 and it hints on autonomous coming out next from the Blue Oval company. Such a scenario strongly suggests that driver’s cars like the Mustang will cease to exist in about a decade from now.

Ford heard the cries of the driving enthusiasts and this forces them out earlier today to clarify on the matter. Ford USA said that the driverless future is inevitable but that won’t stop them from sparing some cars that are made solely for drivers.

This statement was followed by Ford UK, which revealed that they can’t imagine a Mustang without a V8 and it is harder for them to picture a future without a Mustang in their family of cars.

Ford UK concluded by saying that the ideal future for them is to produce driver’s cars alongside its driverless vehicles.