Ford Mustang: Scaled Down Model Turns Into A Hit!

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A handful of Mustang fans have been calling for Ford to develop a smaller version of the pony car. Some would say that Ford has already done so through the Fusion Sport but what if the Blue Oval company decides to approach a much smaller market?

We raised this question because Ford has commenced selling a really small version of the Mustang and it is turning into a hit. The strange thing about it is that the Mustang is operating on an EV powertrain and it comes with superb traction and stability control.

But if you are expecting a full-blown model for adults, you better look elsewhere because the car in this context is a toy model made for kids. The small Mustang is tailored for those under 10 years old and it can achieve a top speed of 5mph. That is like 130MPH in the world of adults.

The toy Mustang is already going on sale today and it will make a great Christmas gift for the young kids at home. This is unless you are reluctant to shape your offspring into a Mustang lover.