Ford Mustang vs Subaru WRX STI Offer More Laugh Than Results

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Both the Ford Mustang and Subaru WRX STI are two very different cars but they share one thing in common and that is performance. Both the Mustang and WRX STI are made to go fast but if the two cars are to compete with each other, which will come out victorious?

This is a question that has no final answer as several races involving both cars vary result. So when we came across a clip from Car Bros depicting a race involving the Mustang and the WRX STI, we really thought that it will put the comparison to rest.

However, the opposite happened as the Mustang and WRX STI in the clip offered zero results but a lot of humor. The two cars were squaring it off on the street but it ended up turning into a cinematic parody of Fast & Furious.

While the video may not offer anything in regards to racing and performance highlights, it does managed to lift up our mood. You can check out the video below.