Ford Performance Mission Might Trash Bronco Rumours

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The last Detroit Auto Show saw Ford unveiling the all-new, performance focussed Fusion and the vehicle is expected to make its debut later this year. Ford also revealed that the Fusion Sport will arrive right after the release of the next-gen Focus RS and it will be part of the many performance vehicles which Ford wish to release before 2020.

Ford is simply excited for their performance cars and they are fully focussed to deliver high quality fast cars in the near future. This has got the rumours claiming that Ford will commence production of the Fiesta RS soon after the arrival of the Fusion Sport.

Since Ford is so occupied with their performance cars, does this mean that the carmaker won’t be producing a new generation Bronco anytime soon? The rumours once indicated that the Bronco could make a return in the coming year but now, it looks unlikely to happen as Ford continues to focus on developing performance cars.

At this rate, the Bronco teases and rumours could get incinerated as Ford shows little interest in bringing back the old popular SUV from the dead. Besides, Ford once said that they won’t produce a Bronco until there is enough demand for the SUV.

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  1. Greaseball

    January 18, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    Ford has lost untold millions by dropping the Bronco. Their loyal customer base was abandoned. Had they stayed in the game like Jeep did, Jeep would not dominate off road today like they are. Ford hasn’t got the ability to build anything these days other than 4 cylinder rice rockets. They are in effect, a cloned Japanese car maker, not in cluding Toyota as they still produce a good off road vehicle. Ford has nothing to offer anyone.