Ford Ranger Can Forget About Challenging Chevrolet Colorado!

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Normally, when we say that X should forget about rivalling Y, it means that X is not good enough for Y. But for the next-gen Ford Ranger, it is the exact opposite.

Due to arrive in the coming months, the next-gen Ranger has the prospects to make it big in the midsized pickup truck scene and this means more trouble for the fumbling Chevrolet Colorado.

The Colorado is a popular choice in the midsized scene but 2017 saw sales of the pickup truck stagnating. The Colorado wasn’t able to break pass the 150,000 annual sales mark thus putting it far behind rival Toyota Tacoma.

With the Ranger all-set and ready to arrive with the best midsized pickup truck offering, the vehicle is likely to jump straight into competing against the Tacoma without any thought for the Colorado.

This is unless GM can pull off a miracle and freshen up the Colorado to face the stiffer competition ahead.