Ford Ranger Looks Up At F-150, Not Bronco

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Ford has confirmed on the return of two very popular vehicles and they are the Ranger and the Bronco. Both iconic vehicles from the past will be getting a new generation model within the next couple of years and they promise to take the market by storm.

This is great news for utility lovers as the Bronco and Ranger will both look to conquer the segments they compete in. Ford is already finished with retooling their plants to develop the new Ranger and Bronco but if you think that both vehicles are going to share a lot of parts, you could be wrong.

The rumors may be indicating that the Ranger will share many design features with the Bronco but this is actually not accurate. An insider from Ford who has a great track record for being spot on with his findings revealed that the Ranger’s design is going to be more like the F-150 rather than the Bronco.

This claim is further backed up by spy shots of the Ranger, which looks completely different to the shape of the Bronco. It goes to say that the Ranger will want to replicate the success of the F-150 in the midsized market whereas the Bronco will be specially made to stop the Jeep Wrangler in its tracks.