Ford Ranger Raptor Claimed To Have Swapped Diesel For Hybrid!

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It is no secret that the Ranger is making its way back into the US market through a new generation model and Ford has also revealed that the midsized pickup truck will be largely based on the global variant.

Everything about the next Ranger certainly sounds promising and the excitement has gone off the roof when Ford revealed that they will be throwing in the Ranger Raptor early on. The unfortunate bit here is that the US-bound Ranger Raptor will be relying on a diesel powertrain, just like how it is with its global twin.

But instead of getting a massive 3.2L unit, the Ranger Raptor is said to come out running on a 2L turbodiesel that has been tuned to offer 211hp and 369ft-lbs of torque. Well, this claim is now being doubted by a growing number of people and it is due to the new wave of reports which are claiming the pickup truck to rely on a hybrid setup.

The reports read that the Ranger Raptor has decided to snub diesels due to the growing controversies that involve the oil type. The biggest hit was when rival Fiat-Chrysler received endless probe to cheating diesel emissions and it is something Ford is not interested in experiencing.

As such, Ford is now rushing the development of a performance hybrid system that can fit well on the Ranger Raptor and it must have enough to fulfil the definition of Raptor. Should this be true, we can expect an official reveal on the Ranger Raptor Hybrid coming out before Q3 this year.