Ford Ranger Raptor On The Back Foot Against Toyota Tacoma TRD?

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The Ford Ranger is the next big thing to hit the pickup truck scene and many can’t wait to check out what the vehicle will have to offer. For the pickup truck enthusiasts, they are particularly interested to see how the Ranger performs when wearing the Raptor badge.

Seeing that the F-150 Raptor is considered as one of the most insane performers in stock pickup truck history, the folks have high expectations for the Ranger Raptor to offer something similar but the rumours are hurting the hype.

The word is that the Ranger Raptor will be relying on a high-output diesel powertrain and they have snubbed the EcoBoost mill so as to not trespass into the F-150’s zone.

If this is going to be the outcome, then the Ranger Raptor will have a tough time tackling the Toyota Tacoma TRD. The latter is already the leading name in the midsized pickup scene and it can get even better when Toyota decides to offer the TRD Supercharger add-on.

All will be confirmed when the Ranger make its official unveiling in LA later this month so stay tuned.