Ford Ranger Raptor: TRD Superchargers Will Seal The Deal!

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What is the winning formula for a performance pickup truck? Well, if you are to look at the Toyota Tundra, you will agree with us when we say TRD Superchargers.

The Tundra is now significantly faster than before after Toyota started offering consumers the option to purchase TRD Superchargers with the pickup truck. The feature can be found on Toyota’s “Parts Sales Guide” and it is made just for the Tundra that runs on the 5.7L V8 engine.

With its application, the Tundra can sprint from 0-62mph in under 4 seconds and this makes it a role-model in the world of performance pickup trucks.

Soon, Ford will be launching the Ranger and the midsized pickup will come out together with the Raptor trim. The Ranger Raptor is hoping to be the best performing midsized pickup when released and we feel that it is important for Ford to replicate the TRD Superchargers so that they can prevent a similar uprising from Toyota in the segment.

But of course, the chances of that happening are little to none since Ford wants to stick to turbochargers with the Ranger.