Ford Ranger Raptor Won’t Get It Easy Against Toyota Tacoma TRD!

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After seeing Toyota turning the age-old Tundra into a Ford F-150 Raptor-killer with just a TRD supercharger add-on, we can’t help it but to expect a similar offering coming out in the future for the Tacoma.

The TRD Supercharger greatly boosts power output on the Tundra and it will have a similar effect on the Tacoma. The offering will act as a trump card for Toyota as they prepare for a new competitor in the midsized scene – the Ford Ranger.

Ford has said before that they will be hoping to launch the next-gen Ranger in Q1 next year and this will be followed by the release of the Raptor trim. The details are not out yet but rumours are all citing on the Ranger Raptor to run on an overpowered diesel powertrain.

It was revealed that Ford chose diesel because they don’t want the Ranger Raptor to disturb the F-150 Raptor and the offering will also diversify Ford’s line-up.

Well, playing it soft may just be a big mistake for Ford because it may leave them sitting behind the Toyota Tacoma. In the full-sized scene, the Tundra is behind the F-150 in terms of popularity and it is the exact opposite for the midsized market. Holding the Ranger Raptor back will only risk a sour outcome.