Ford Ranger Sends Shivers To Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon

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We can all thank GM for reviving the midsized pickup truck scene via the Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon. Both pickup trucks brought life in a once-dead segment and they are well received by the public.

Today, however, the circumstances have changed for the Colorado and Canyon. The twin midsized pickups may be the bestsellers in the segment but their position at the top is at risk of crumbling.

This is because Ford is about to return into the midsized scene with a brand new Ranger and this upcoming pickup truck may reel away the consumers from the Colorado and the Canyon. Due to arrive in Q1 next year, the Ranger will be near identical to the global model.

It is also worth expecting the Ranger to incorporate some features from the F-150. The latter is already dominating GM in the full-sized pickup segment hence its influence on the Ranger may eat up sales of the Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon.

There is no doubt that the next-gen Ranger has the prospects for success and it can devour GM’s market share in the midsized market. The question is will it happen?