Ford Ranger vs Hyundai Pickup Leaves Chevy Colorado & Toyota Tacoma In The Dark

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The midsized pickup truck segment is about to get a lot more interesting in the coming years as two new models are hoping to make its debut before 2020. Like how it is mentioned in the title above, the vehicles are the Ford Ranger and the Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup.

The former is already an iconic name in the industry and it will look to end its absence in the US with a new-generation model. Ford has confirmed that the next Ranger will be built on the same platform that is used on the global model and it will also be tuned to run like the F-150.

As for the Santa Cruz Pickup, the vehicle will be the first ever pickup truck produced by Hyundai when released. This is worth looking forward too because Hyundai has always impressed every time they make a debut in a brand new segment. Hyundai has said that they have studied the best pickup trucks to develop the Santa Cruz Pickup thus raising the vehicle’s prospects.

With the Ranger and Santa Cruz Pickup getting launched in the same period of time, we can fully expect them to develop an intense rivalry that can leave current leaders – Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma – in the dark. Are you excited?