Ford Refuses To Admit Losing To Donald Trump

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American automaker Ford and upcoming US president Donald Trump just can’t see eye to eye on every matter. The latter fired the first shot when he blasted Ford for developing more production facilities in Mexico rather than in the US.

The controversy didn’t end there. Trump when on to condemn Ford throughout his election campaign and he even made it personal with Ford’s CEO, Mark Fields.

Today, Mark Fields offered a response to back up his company’s decision and how it will continue on with or without Trump’s approval. The lad said,

“We are doing this decision based on what’s right for our business. As we think about the investments here in Michigan – as you can imagine, Neil – we look at a lot factors as we make those.”

Field then shifted the attention to the local automotive market which is not fitting for some of Ford’s cars. The lad revealed that he has “seen decreasing demand here in North America for small cars, and we simply don’t need the capacity anymore.”