Ford Taurus Intentionally Burned To The Ground Due To Break-Downs

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Say you own a particular vehicle for more than 5 years and you kept the car in good shape with timely maintenance. Then, for some unknown reasons, the car keeps on braking down for some unknown reasons thus annoying you to the brink of death. What would you do?

We raised this question because a lady owner of an old Ford Taurus can’t handle another breakdown and she decided to give the Taurus a spanking. The only problem here is that the spanking translates to burning the car to the ground.

In an emotional state, the lady took out her body spray and spammed it on a shirt. The flammable liquid then gets lighted up which led to the destruction of the Taurus.

It didn’t end up kindly for the lady because she ended up facing charges for criminal mischief, possession of incendiary materials, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.