Forget A New Z, Nissan’s Big LA Surprise Is A New Crossover

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How many crossovers are needed before a carmaker and consumers can say enough? There is no certain answer for this and as long as crossovers are making it rain profits for carmakers, we can expect more models to spawn in the near future to come.

Nissan is well ahead of things as they want to strengthen their crossover line-up further in the US market with a new model to complement the success that is with the Rogue.

The confirmation was made earlier today via a Tweet from Nissan that shows a mystery vehicle being hidden under a sheet. The shape of the vehicle gave it away that it is going to be a compact crossover that will get slotted below the Rogue.

The vehicle won’t be the Juke as Nissan has made it clear that they don’t want a niche product and speculations are rife in claiming it to be the US-spec Kicks. This is so that Nissan can compete with the Honda HR-V.

Well, we won’t know for sure until the LA Auto Show later today, which will see Nissan bringing out their big surprise. It’s too bad that the big surprise is not the rumoured next-gen Nissan Z although we are still hoping for this to be true.