Forget BMW 3-Series, Genesis G70 Is The Car You Want!

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The BMW 3-Series has long been the top choice for the working class that has got the resources to purchase an entry-level luxury car but this may not last for the car.

We say so because the upcoming Genesis G70 may just have enough to steal the spotlight from the 3-Series. A detailed trailer of the G70 went online earlier today and we have to say that the car promises to offer more to the market, all-while being cheaper than the 3-Series.

The confirmation on the G70 coming with RWD and a traditional manual gearbox as an option has already gained the attention of enthusiasts worldwide and the trailer sealed the deal for the interested buyers.

Some of the features highlighted by the trailer include a sub-5 second 0-62mph time, automated braking, blind spot detection and a high-level quality cabin finish.

All that is left for Genesis to do now is to ensure that the G70 is priced attractively. The right numbers on the price tag will be the biggest factor in competing against the dominant name in the segment – the 3-Series.