Forget BMW X7, BMW Wants X8 To Challenge Bentley Bentayga!

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The X7 is the next big thing to come from BMW and by big, we meant it both literally and figuratively. BMW has already confirmed that the X7 will be the biggest SUV in their line-up and it will also offer the best-in-class luxuries.

Despite all the goodness that is with the X7, a new insider report indicating that it won’t be the ultimate SUV in BMW’s line-up as the Bavarian carmaker is planning to develop the X8.

The report quoted that the X8 is now being heavily considered by BMW and it will serve as the sportier, less practical version of the X7. If the report is right, we predict that the X8 will have a 4-seat configuration for extreme luxuries. The performance will also be better than the X7.

In short, the X8 is bound to become the ultimate luxury SUV from BMW and this puts it in direct competition with the Bentley Bentayga. Will it happen though?