Forget Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan Leaf Must Focus On Tesla Model 3

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One of the biggest surprise in the automotive industry is with the Nissan Leaf’s ability to sell exceptionally well despite having an inferior EV powertrain. The Leaf was expected to face the axe when Chevrolet launched the Bolt but the opposite happened.

During the Bolt’s debut month back in December last year, the Leaf achieved its best sales month yet. The numbers decline slightly for the month of January but it lingers around the 1,000 mark up until February. March saw the Leaf leaping forward again whereas the Bolt experienced its worst month yet.

It goes to say that despite having an outdated EV driving range, the Leaf is still one of the most popular EV choices out there. The Bolt has got its own launching issues thus giving the Leaf protection from immediate death.

Now that Nissan has already confirmed on the next-gen Leaf, the figures are expected to soar by a huge margin in the future to come. This means that the Bolt can already be forgotten and the Leaf should just focus on the biggest threat, the Tesla Model 3.

The latter has already achieved more than 350,000 pre-orders and this is something the next-gen Leaf needs to challenge if it wants to remain at the top of the EV ‘food chain’.