Forget Downsizing, Next GT500 Poised For More V8 Glory

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More and more cars that are produced today have decided to ditch the V8 engines for something smaller as they seek greater fuel efficiency. Because of this, many are speculating that the next-gen Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 is going to ditch the Coyote V8 for a bi-turbo V6.

It is a plausible outcome for the GT500 but the speculations are now being challenged by a new statement made by Ford. In a recent post from Mustang6g, it was revealed that Ford is done developing a brand new 4.2L V8 engine and the motor could be the EcoBeast which Ford patented years ago.

It got many thinking that the new 4.2L unit will be replacing the Coyote V8 engine entirely. But this expectation was immediately trashed by Ford when they stated that the Coyote V8 will continue to serve their cars in the future.

With such a remark, it goes to suggests that the next GT500 could arrive with two V8 options – the Coyote and the 4.2L unit. We can’t confirm anything just yet and it will have and the above needs further clarification from Ford. Stay tuned.