Forget Ford Edge ST, Focus To Blame For Fiesta’s Axing

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In case you are unaware, 2018 won’t see Ford selling the new Fiesta here in the US and this means that fans of the nimble subcompact hatchback should not expect to get an experience with the newest Fiesta ST.

Some that has heard the news are still pretty upset by it and they are even more furious at Ford when the carmaker decides to fill the void left by the Fiesta with a crossover – the Ecosport. If that is not bad enough, the ‘ST’ void has been filled by another SUV, the Ford Edge.

The idea of having a performance-tuned family hauler may not be taken too kindly by some enthusiasts but they can’t put the blame on the Ecosport and the Edge entirely.

Some of the fault actually belongs to the Focus. Think about it, the Focus is only but a fraction larger than the Fiesta and the price difference between the two cars are very minimal. As such, the Fiesta has struggled to achieve sales as consumers would prefer settling for the Focus.

If Ford was to reduce the price of the Fiesta by a couple of thousands, the circumstances may have changed today but that didn’t happen at all.