Forget Ford Mustang, Ped-Killer Porsche Spyder Brings Greater Horror!

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The Ford Mustang is notoriously known for going out of control and crashing into pedestrians. It created a stigma on the American iconic sports car although the fault is with the driver.

Today, the Mustang can escape the stigma for a little while as a different vehicle has managed to create chaos on pedestrians and it is the Porsche Boxster Spyder. A Boxster Spyder was attempting to show off its power to a crowd when it lost control and banged into 11 individuals.

All eleven victims of the crash suffered serious physical injuries and they are rushed to the hospital. The driver managed to escape unhurt and he is now being investigated by the local law enforcer.

It is very rare for a Porsche to lose control on a simple bend hence this suggests that the driver has got really poor skills. The happening was captured by a smartphone camera and you can check it out below.