Forget Honda Accord, Civic Is Enough To Beat Toyota Camry!

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The tenth generation Honda Civic has definitely trespassed into the Accord’s territory as it came out with a measurement that can rival any midsized sedan in the market.

Despite the upsized offering, the Civic continues to be more affordable to own than the Accord and it is also packed with the best offerings around. We have driven the Civic before and we can confirm that achieving 40mpg is near-effortless and going fast is also pleasurable.

With the Civic being the complete package, Honda can rest easy since the car can take down the Toyota Camry anytime it wants. This can already be seen with the latest monthly sales report, which saw the Civic having a YTD of 284,380.

This translates to about 2,000 units more than the Camry thus making the Civic the number one choice in the market. We can only wonder if this achievement will cause the next-gen Accord any problems as it would be ugly to have two vehicles from Honda competing against each other.