Forget Honda Accord, Jeep Wrangler Is Toyota Camry’s Biggest Rival!

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The Toyota Camry has long dominated the overall vehicle sales and the only other vehicle that can come close to it is the Honda Accord. Well, ever since the latest generation Accord made its debut, the Camry has remained consistent on the sales front whereas Honda experienced a decline in sales.

It may seem that the downfall of the Accord has allowed the Camry to run away with sales glory but that is not the case at all. This is because a new name has stepped forward to challenge the Camry and it is the Jeep Wrangler.

Nobody actually expected it but the Wrangler is officially 100 cars short of the Camry’s overall sales achievement for April 2018. In total, Jeep sold 29,776 Wrangler hence making it the bestselling SUV around.

Even when SUVs are outselling sedans, the Camry is still the leading name in sales and to see the Wrangler narrowing the gap to just 100 units is purely impressive.