Forget Honda Type R, Mercedes Project 1 Mark-Up Takes The Cake!

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The latest Honda Civic Type R is commendable for being the fastest FWD sports hatch in the market and we also like how Honda maintained the car’s affordability status.

But when it goes down to buying the car, things can turn horrific as most dealers have marked up the price of the Type R by a significant margin. This has repelled us away from the car, at least until prices hit a normal level or near the car’s official MSRP.

Today, we learned that the Type R is not the worst suffering car when it comes to price markups as the title actually belongs to the Mercedes-AMG Project 1. The latter is an F1-based vehicle that can go extremely fast while being road-legal.

Unlike the Civic Type R, the Project 1 is a pure hypercar and this explains why there is a massive calling price for the vehicle. The Project 1 is pure expansive and only the rich folks can stand a chance to purchase the car.

While the Project 1 is not officially out yet, price markups are already happening after a scalper was caught selling his Project 1 reservation for a whopping $5.22 million. The lad got a slot for the Project 1 and he has decided to make millions out of it.

It’s just plain absurd to make multi-million just by queuing up for the Mercedes-AMG Project 1 and this is why we see this as the ultimate markup in the automotive industry.