Forget Jeep Wrangler, Honda Fit Is Enough To Tow A Bimmer

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BMW cars are one of the most used vehicles on the track and this explains why there are also many videos of enhanced BMW vehicles breaking down before getting towed away. In most of these occasions, the broken BMW will get pulled away from the track by a Jeep Wrangler.

Today, we witnessed something different as an old Honda Fit from the mid-2000 aided a broken BMW M3 out of the track. The subcompact car is really small in size but it is fully capable of towing the M3.

We find this really interesting because the Fit has zero tow rating and the fact that it is an econobox makes it all the more surprising. Besides, Fit buyers simply use the car for basic city commuting hence seeing the hatchback performing a tow makes it a lot more interesting.