Forget Ludicrous, Model X Named Slowest On The Track!

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If you have been following the EV scene, then you must be well-aware of the explosive performance which the Tesla Model X P100D can offer. Much like the Model S P100D, the EV SUV can burst into speed in the blink of an eye and this is thanks to having Ludicrous Mode.

The Model X P100D is without a doubt the fastest SUV right now but when on the track, the result may differ greatly. Tesla cars are not known to have a good track performance unless the asphalt is built in a straight line.

As such, we didn’t expect much from the Model X P100D when the vehicle stepped on the Eboladrome for a track session performed by the hosts of The Grand Tourer. But what we weren’t prepared to hear is the fact that the Model X is the slowest vehicle on the said track.

As how it was revealed by Jeremy Clarkson in the segment with the Model X P100D, the EV SUV is the only one of its kind to make an attempt at the Eboladrome hence it is the fastest and also the slowest vehicle to have ever race there.