Forget Model 3, Tesla Model S Is Now $6,500 Cheaper!

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The pricing on Tesla’s cars are frequently changing and the changes are often made in secret. So when we head to Tesla’s website earlier today, we are surprised to see the Model S going away for $6,500 than the original sticker price.

It was then understood that Tesla is hoping to add value to its cars by making it more attractive on the pricing scheme. However, the move is only for the Model S with dual electric motors.

With the revised pricing, the Model S P100D can be obtained for only $140,000 instead of $141,500. Before you start questioning on the other $5,000, you should know that the changes also saw the Premium Package being turned into a standard on the Model S.

The Performance Package costs $5,000 hence its application on the Model S means that you won’t have to fork out that amount of money any longer. Will this be enough to take away the attention from the Model 3?