Forget New 370Z, Nissan Promises On Another Boring Auto Show!

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2017 has been a tough year for enthusiasts that are fans of Nissan because they have been deprived of an exciting new vehicle. Every motor show of last year saw Nissan promoting their SUVs and crossovers.

The tipping point was at the LA Auto Show last month whereby everything Nissan has to show is a new crossover, SUV and more everyday EVs. There are basically no exciting performance cars getting exhibited at the motoring events despite rumours claiming that Nissan will be bringing out the next-gen Z-car in LA.

Now, the rumours have moved on to claim that Nissan has delayed the debut of the successor for the 370Z and we should expect to see it coming out in Detroit next week.

Well, we beg to differ as Nissan’s new teaser which got released earlier today pinpoints on yet another boring motoring event for their fans. The video teaser highlights on the debut of a brand new crossover concept that will debut at the Detroit Auto Show.

The details won’t be released until the event itself and we can’t help but to expect the worst outcome. Our prediction is that the concept will be a model for the next-gen Mitsubishi Evolution and this will be the ultimate arrow to the heart of enthusiasts.