Forget New Z, Tokyo Drift 350Z Is Up For Grab!

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It has been a long while since Nissan brought out the 370Z and fans of the Z have been crying loudly for a new generation model. Nissan has acknowledged the call for a new Z but they won’t proceed to develop the vehicle due to having interests in other markets.

It is a big blow for Z fans are car fans alike because there is no way to tell on when the next Z-car is going to get released. If that is not bad enough, Nissan has been offering meaningless upgrades for the aging 370Z to prolong the car’s life.

Well, perhaps it is time to stop hoping and simply greet the new Z when it happens. It is either that or you can cash out on all your savings to get yourself the highly modified 350Z that was used in Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift.

In the popular film, ten 350Zs were used and 8 of them ended up destroyed. Out of the two, one of them received actual performance upgrades like APS twin turbo engine and APS intercooler, and it is now going on sale in Retford, UK.

This ‘masterpiece’ of a car was used in the parking lot scene and it was driven by the Drift King hence adding some collector’s value to the machine. The only setback here is that the NOS isn’t functional but that shouldn’t put you off from throwing a bid at the vehicle.