Forget Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 Is The New King Of Cheap

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Electric cars, or EVs for short, are not exactly cheap to own even when you are looking at an affordable model like the Nissan Leaf or the Chevrolet Bolt.

The sophisticated electric powertrain which EVs run on are still expansive thus explaining why the cheapest, new, decent and affordable unit is the Nissan Leaf. The latter had just gone through a refresh and the latest model has got more range to offer while retailing right at the $30,000 mark.

For pure EV hunters, the Leaf is easily the cheapest decent choice out there as the indicated price is before any form of rebates. But what if we tell you that it is cheaper to buy the BMW i3?

The i3, like the Leaf, is one of the earliest mainstream EVs of this era and it has been around in the market for quite a while now. However, the fact that the i3 has got a BMW badge is enough to explain why the car costs a whopping $45,000, even when the driving range is inferior to the Leaf.

The good news here is that the i3’s pricing can hit a record low of about $24,000 which translates to $20,000 in savings.

This had just happened in California when a dealer called PG&E decided to offer such a mammoth of a discount for a new 2017-2018 i3. So if you fancy such a pricing, you can drop by at the dealers now and obtain the i3 before the promo hits an end.