Forget Nissan Leaf, True EV Affordability Will Come Through Honda!

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The all-new Nissan Leaf boasts being an EV that offers the best value around and this is backed up by the car’s affordable pricing as well as feature-packed offerings.

With a range of 151 miles and a price tag that starts at $29,990, the Leaf is certainly an attraction but this is by no means an indication that success is imminent for the vehicle.

We say so because the Nissan Leaf is at risk of getting eclipsed by rival Honda. It was revealed today that Honda is currently working to turn the Fit into a BEV and their ultimate goal here is to sell the car for peanuts.

As how it was reported on Electrek, Honda is hoping for the Fit EV to have 150 miles of driving range and a price tag that starts at $18,000. The range is near identical to the basic Leaf and the best part about it is that the Fit EV promises to be $10,000 cheaper.

If you are to take into account of the tax rebates for EVs, you may end up getting a brand new Fit EV for about $11,000. Now how exactly does Nissan plan to compete with that?