Forget Supra, Toyota’s New Teaser Breeds 2000GT Expectation

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The Supra is the next major product to come from Toyota and the strong anticipation for the vehicle has made it easy to understand why many believe the teaser image above is an abstracts of the sports car.

Toyota spared no details when releasing the teaser image and the fact that the company is trying to fix its sporty image suggests that the concept could be aa hint at a sports car that isn’t a Supra.

This is what some folks at a popular Toyota forum expects it to be and they even went as far as calling it the next-gen 2000GT. The latter, like the Supra, is an iconic sports car from Toyota’s golden years and back then, it was Toyota’s prime performance vehicle.

The Toyota loyalists even pointed out that the oversized spoiler and body lines do not match the Supra’s description hence making it seem like a completely different sports car. So, could it truly be the next 2000GT?