Forget Supra & Z4, BMW & Toyota Partnership Has Bigger Goals

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It is no secret that BMW and Toyota are collaborating to develop the next-gen Z4 and Supra. However, the two sports cars are not the only vehicles that are coming out of this partnership as there are others being planned for the future.

Today, BMW announced that they are hoping to launch a fully capable hydrogen-powered FCEV car by 2021 and development is progressing as we speak. This is further backed up by a photo of a BMW i8 with FCEV, which is seen performing a test run on a track.

BMW may not mention it but the obvious says that Toyota is playing a major role in the development of an unbeatable FCEV powertrain. Toyota has got the resources for green technology and the mechanical expertise of BMW makes this bigger goal an achievable dream.

The only problem here is that infrastructures are almost non-existent hence we can only wonder how the FCEV from BMW will get received by the public. Only time will tell on what sort of FCEV future BMW will have to offer.