Forget Tesla Model 3, Elon Wants A Ford Ranger Killer

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Yes, you read the title right. Tesla has started work on a full electric pickup truck but the vehicle is not expected to arrive until Tesla is finish with the upcoming Model 3.

The confirmation was made on Twitter, through a post from Elon Musk. The CEO of Tesla Corporation was loud and direct when saying that an EV pickup truck now looks likely to break its covers somewhere in September this year.

As how you can see above, the pickup semi-truck is scheduled for a September unveiling but it will definitely take the shape of a concept rather than a production-ready model. The timing of the Tweet also suggests that the EV pickup truck may get released by 2020.

If so, then this is around the same time the Ford Ranger gets released. Ford has already confirmed on the Ranger’s return and they also teased on an electrified model in the near future. Hence, Tesla’s sudden decision to have a pickup truck greatly suggests that they want to kill of the Ranger.