Forget Tesla Model 3, Honda Civic Type-R Deserves Your Money More

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Affordable EVs these days are priced around the $35,000 mark and this is beginning to look acceptable for the consumers – well almost all of them. For those that feel $35,000 is too much to be called affordable, they are likely to snub an opportunity to own the Tesla Model 3 for the Honda Civic Type-R.

This is easily because of the fact that the next-gen, US-bound, Civic Type-R is confirmed to retail from $36,120 and this means it is highly likely to be cheaper than the upcoming Tesla Model 3. The latter is valued right under the $40,000 mark and it is certainly less exciting than the range-topping Civic.

Unlike the Model 3, the Civic Type-R relies on a 2L gasoline turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that can develop 316hp. The ponies are managed by a 6-speed manual gearbox thus making the Civic Type-R more fun and engaging to drive.

Obviously, you can’t get the satisfaction of driving a car on the Tesla Model 3. The only thing you can appreciate on the Model 3 is the EV driving range and nothing more. Together with the fact that the Civic Type-R has a smaller MSRP than the Model 3, it makes the car more worth the purchase.